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We provide precise, reliable stock price forecasts so you know where the near-term (30-day window) future price peak and price bottom will be for many stocks traded on NASDAQ and NYSE.

For samples of both price forecast and trading plan tailored for each individual stock, CLICK HERE. The file names are TICKER.TXT where TICKER is the stock ticker symbol.

Note that all the above stock price forecasts are samples of actual forecasts made earlier.

Forecasts for Dow30 stocks are available on subscription and updated daily, typically before the opening bell. Right now forecast for ticker symbol DOW is not yet available, so there are 29 stocks, not 30 stocks covered. Given that there are about 20 trading days per month, this means we provide 20 x 29 = 580 forecasts per month. At $10 per forecast, this is $5,800 value. However, for a limited time only, it is only $580 per month for institutions and $190 per month for individuals. We’ll limit subscription of our Dow30 stock forecasts to just 99 subscribers, first come, first served. If interested, send email to: Dow30@StockCounsel.Com for more information.

Most retail and institutional investors routinely fail to buy stocks at or near short-term (30-day window) lows or sell at or near short-term highs, giving up profits of 2% or more per month on average, which can be easily avoided with our forecasts. Most stocks fluctuate 2% to 10% (or more) every month, representing significant potential outperformance that can and should be profitably captured with our forecasts.

If you would like the very newest price forecasts on any stock(s) or to receive a full analysis with newest price forecasts on all stocks in your portfolio, plus detailed trading plan for each stock, (or if you have any other questions), just email us with your ticker symbols and/or questions:

Send your email to: Service@StockCounsel.Com listing the ticker symbols that you would like us to forecast for you.